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Review: PARIAH

From the Parallel Worlds Magazine archives. PARIAH is a roleplaying game in ’zine format. Regular contributor Connor Eddles took it for a spin. "PARIAH’s creators do not endorse ingesting psychobotanicals in real life. They do not not endorse it though, particularly if entheogens are a part of your cultural traditions…
Connor Eddles
October 20, 2021
Tabletop Games

Gamesmasterclass: they know more than me

One of the things I always dread most about acting as gamesmaster is encountering the player (or players) that know more about a subject than I do. It’s almost universal that each player will know more than me about something, so it’s, sadly, a dread I have to face frequently.…
Chris Cunliffe
October 26, 2020

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